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Contact Us

Please contact us only if you have downloaded our trial software from our web site.  Only after reviewing our trial software please contact us with any questions that you might happen to have.  We do not offer any phone support for florist software that we sell, however we offer email support.  Meaning we will reply to any questions that you might have via email within 24 hours.  Our email is email@flowershopsoftware.com  
Payment Submission

If you would like to pay for the flower shop software and receive the full version with the license for use of the software please make a payment to the address below.  Please note, we do not sell our software to customers from Ohio, we do not do any sort of business with businesses or individuals from the state of Ohio.
710 Mill Circle Suite #107
Wheeling, Illinois 60090
If you are one of our customers

If you have already paid for the product and you are one of our customers we do offer support via instant messaging.  You as a customer of ours should have our AOL, Yahoo, and MSN instant massagers screen name sent to you with the license for use of the software.  In case you lost it you can always request it again via email@flowershopsoftware.com include your name and license number in your email.

Thank You



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