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Flower Shop Software
Florist Software Solution 

07/12/2006 The new versions of the software will be coming out supporting both flower shops as well as the candy shop business.  Meaning more features to make.

07/20/2005 ApplicaSoft is going live with the beta version 4.0.  Many features are still missing, but we will upgrade our clients with these features at no extra charge.

6/03/04 ApplicaSoft celebrates the 4th birthday of the Flower Shop Software.  Four years later and 3 versions later we are the most affordable florist software solution available.  

7/15/03 Beta testing of the Flower Shop Software version 3 is over.  We are shipping the Flower Shop Software version 3.5 to our clients.

1/12/01 Promotion of the flower shop software is achieved its full potential.  This web site is rated first on http://www.google.com http://www.yahoo.com and http://www.msn.com whenever anyone is looking for the "florist software"  

Future developments.

We are currently working on customizing florist software to suit each of our florist's needs and we are working on a wide ranging of other upgrades. 

We are also improving reporting and financial side of the program  In the long run we are planning to make our software compatible with the major florist wire networks.

The latest orientation for this software is to be language independent that is to make this software 100% international.  Would be able to support any language and any currency.  

Flower Shop Software Version 4.0

The brand new and redesigned from ground up the flower shop software version 4. We have completely redesigned the database platform on which version 3 was running.  The version 4 will be a standard for the future of our product.  With the new version you get:
  • Language independence.  Could be used anywhere in the world.  Supports German, French, and any other language there is.
  • Routes and mapping capabilities.  Your drivers will follow the route that the software prints them out on the map. (we are working on that)
  • Improved financial side of the software (still in progress)
  • Easy deployment on any Windows 2000 and XP machines
  • Much more user friendly graphical user interface.
  • Multiple printing capabilities onto the customized templates. 
  • Much faster networking capabilities. 
  • Export of data to excel and other programs. (work in progress)

You will enjoy using our flower shop software as your everyday tool for running your florist business successfully!


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