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Flower Shop Software
For florist the free download

If you are a florist or a flower shop owner then for you we offer our trial version of the flower shop software. 

IMPORTANT!!! You will have to download and install a Microsoft .NET framework version 2.0 or later for our software to run correctly on each one of your computers first.  Microsoft .NET framework available for a free download from the Microsoft web site. 

Or you could download the .net 2.0 from our web site.  Right click and choose a save as on the following link. 
Download .NET framework beta 2.0
Our software will not run unless you would install the .NET framework 2.0+ on your computer prior to trying to install our software.  Please install the .net Framework 2 first and then download and install the flower shop software from the link below. 
Flower Shop Software Version 4.0.3
We have released yet another version of the software, please report all errors to us associated with installing and running the software.  All of the current trial users should download the latest version. 

(right click and choose save as on the following link)

Download the Flower Shop Software 4.0.3 Trial
(many bugs solved)

Download the update from 4.0.3 to FSS 4.0.5
After you install the trial 4.0.3 version download and copy this file into c:\program_files\applicasoft\flower shop software folder, so you would have the latest software installed on your system. Rigth click on the link and choose "save target as"

If you have any questions in regards to how to install it please feel free to email us, there is no charge for support through email.

*Our customers from Canada reported that zip codes that contain letters rather than numbers failed to work with our software.  We have solved this problem. 


1) Is there any extra charge for using multiple instances of FSS in the networked environment?  No, there is no extra charge, this software comes standard with ability to work in the network where multiple computers could access the same data and manipulate it.

2) Your software failed to install.  Answer, you must download and install Microsoft .NET framework version 2.0 or later for our software to work, or to even install.  If .NEt 2.0+ fails to install then there is really nothing we can do. 

3) How to setup basic store information?  Goto Setup/Properties.   Next to store_name, store_address, store_phone, store_email, etc... put in your store's information.  Do not modify anything that you do not understand there, it will lead to your software not to start the next time around.  Do not forget to press SAVE or Update button after modifying each field. 

4) If you need to tax your deliveries then goto setup/properties and next to the field tax_delivery substitute 0 for 1.  Basically put 1 instead of zero into the field of tax_delivery.  Press update.  Exit. Restart the software. 

5) You do not have to press the "new" button in the middle of the screen, next to the order at the times when you are creating customer and order.  You only use that button if you are creating a new order for an existing customer.

6) To make it work in the networked environment, install the software on each machine in the network and choose one to be your main computer.  Make the folder where the software installed at as "shared."  From remote computers in the FSS software goto File/Open, and enter the remote path along with the database1.mdb at the end to a location of where the main computer is located at on your network. 

7) Phone numbers do not match the number that you use in there.  Currently the default version comes with a (847) 123 3567 ext 1234 phone number format, basically area code then the number.  If you have some other form of formatting your phone number then email to us and we will let you know what properties to modify so that the phone number would work the way you want it to work. 

8) If you already been using a trial version and want to upgrade, then make sure to back up the file called "database1.mdb" to a safe location.  Upgrading usually requires for you to uninstall a previous installation of the software.  You can do so by going to add/remove programs.

9) Some items from the menu don't work, what seems to be the problem.  We have designed our software with some room for expansion so there are some items in the menu that are currently disabled, but you can still use our software to the fullest without using these items. 


Heads up!

The new version is missing many features that the version 3.x has had, so if you are using 3.x do not install the 4.x just yet.  Nevertheless, we are working on adding these features in.  If you download the software now we will upgrade you to the latest version at no extra charge.  We do not have a manual for the version 4.0.2, even though the manual for version 3.0 is still available.  We offer some limited customer support via.  email@flowershopsoftware.com We do not offer any customer support over the phone.

Features we are working on and that are coming soon, from top to bottom in the order that they will come out.

1) Export of information to Microsoft excel/quicken

2) Integration with Microsoft Streets and Trips

3) Setup manual, Installation Manual, Network installation manual, Template modification manual.

4) We are in talks with callerid.com on integrating their product with our software.  Using their caller id product will allow our software to automatically bring up a screen with an existing client whenever one of your existing clients call you.  We are not going to charge anything extra for that feature, however the device from callerid will run you at $220 if you would order it through us (due to discounted pricing), or $250 if you order it directly through callerid.  This is not something we are going to make money from it will be there for your convenience.  You do not have to buy or use that feature in order to use our software.  Let us know if that is something anyone of you would be interested in. 

You will be upgraded to the latest version at no extra charge, whenever we will come out with it.  All of our existing clients are being upgraded to the latest versions at no extra charge. 

You should understand that you will have to figure out how to install/ setup and work in the software without manuals.

Feel free to email us with any questions that you might have.

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