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Flower Shop Software
If you are our existing client who purchased the software once before

All upgrades to your software come at no extra charge.  Just email us with your database1.mdb file and we will develop an installation setup just for you with the upgraded version. 

Order a full version of the florist software solution

Make a check payable to ApplicaSoft for $199 and send it to 
710 Mill Circle Suite #107
Wheeling, Illinois 60090

Please note, we do not sell our software to customers from Ohio, we do not do any sort of business with businesses or individuals from the state of Ohio.

If you have TRIAL of the version 1, 2,3

If you been running our trial version of 1,2 including the versions of the Customer Keeper (previous name of the flower shop software) then you will have to contact us via email@flowershopsoftware.com and tell us what version you have been using.  You will also have to send us a database1.mdb file that came with these early versions of the software so we can import all customers and their orders into a new software.  All of it takes no more than 4 hours for us. 

To go through with changes you will have to do the following.  First you will have to install our latest trial version either via download or order it in the mail.  Secondly you will have to submit a payment via check of a $100 so that one of our programmers can import all information from your old database1.mdb file to the brand new redesigned database that we are offering to our clients.  Thirdly, you will have to purchase our software for the regular price, old coupons and old quoted prices will not be accepted. 


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